Organising Notion

Jan 23, 2021

Notion is great to learn but if you are looking for resources that help you in organising your notion workspaces, it would require learning about how your personal workflows are. 

Learning some basic principles will help in getting started with being organised in Notion. Here are some of our internal principles at Xperian to get started with organising:

  1. Separate processing & publishing of thoughts.
    Processing is where you just put down your thoughts without many barriers. Most people try to categorise their thoughts while they put them down, doing this will actually slow you down. Publishing is where you organise your thoughts and then post them to public. This distinction is important and prime for taking notes.

  2. Prioritise habits over techniques and templates.
    Following a template blindly will not be helpful as you would have to mould your habits around on it ideally, it should be the other way around. To find and make everything fit your context you should track your habits. Tracking your Habits will give rise to patterns. For example, do you track your finances ever evening? Then, you should have a seperated space with calendar block in place for you to collect your daily financial habits. 

  3. Work with daily standups or intention in mind.
    Have a seperate place to collect your daily tasks. For example, do you conduct a daily reflective page in the morning? Then, you should have a seperated space with calendar block in place for you to collect your daily reflective journal. Daily processing will help you get started with creating seperate spaces for them.

  4. Access workspaces based on frequency. 
    Tracking your Habits will give rise to patterns. These patterns inform us on what we access frequently. For example, If you access many pages to collect your thoughts separately, you could favourite them and access them via widgets and bookmarks so they load quickly and reduce friction to collect thoughts quickly.

That being said, its time for some select resources that helped us to get started with organising our Notion life.


Tutorials & Videos

Here are some great tutorials offered by the notion community to get started with organising your life/work/anything! Here are some of our personal explorations:

  1. Creating a Personal Wiki using Notion by Rad Reads ↗

  2. Creating a Timeline view on Notion ↗

  3. Notion Office Hours: Mindful Workflows ↗

  4. Notion Office Hours: Manage your Finances ↗


Templates from the Notion Community

Some great templates offered by the community to adapt for your context.

  1. Eleven Templates to supercharge your productivity ↗

  2. William Nutt's Templates ↗